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    Donations are accepted to off-set the costs of running Aantares. Donation dollar amounts are solely at your discretion.

    It should be noted by both Aantares Members and prospective participants alike: participation on Aantares is NOT dependent in any way, shape or form on one's donations or lack of same.

    PayPal donations may be made with any major credit card, checking account, or debit card and you do NOT need a PayPal account.

    PayPal is VERY secure, fast, easy and all payment details (such as bank name and card/account #s) are kept strictly private... neither Aantares nor any other third-party has any access to your financial details at all whatsoever.

    Every dollar contributed goes to keep the lights on and the door open for those who appreciate a sense of sanity, whimsy and intelligence in their bulletin board venue.

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