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No New ContentHot TopicTopicNever Take A KneeTrue Conservative2
The Fox God
No New ContentHot TopicTopicTake a Knee... my Ass!! (Neal McCoy)True Conservative4
The Fox God
No New ContentHot TopicTopicSarah Huckabee Sanders is as Fat as Rush LimbaughGus Rodgers5
The Fox God
No New ContentTopicMan Robs Chicago Hot Dog Stand; Shoots Self In Penis & Leg As He FledTrue Conservative0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicIdiots of the Century?The Fox God1
No New ContentHot TopicTopicex-presidents peg the ****ing *****, and it mattersAnti-Fascism2
No New ContentTopicthe "sarcastic comedy" of paul ryan:Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentTopicthe opposition grows, heavy-weights added:Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentTopicwe're not the only nation that knows he's a ****ing *****Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicinsensitive, racist, buffoon *****-in-chiefAnti-Fascism3
No New ContentHot TopicTopicmueller entering uncharted waters?Anti-Fascism5
No New ContentTopicis this how stupid *****s really are?Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentTopicit's on the Internet, it must be true (rotflmao)Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentTopicof course the denier-in-chief won't own itAnti-Fascism0
No New ContentTopicof course we oppose it, only the wealthy & greedy want itAnti-Fascism0
No New ContentTopicNFL & 1st Amendment: "violator-in-chief" should be REMOVED from Office!Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopic*****-in-chief is making CHINA great againAnti-Fascism1
No New ContentTopiche's trying to take us back to 1930s and FASCISM (not a joke)Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicownership of the infamous pathological liarAnti-Fascism2
No New ContentHot TopicTopicthe sexual-predator-in-chiefAnti-Fascism2
No New ContentTopicno wonder he is acting so erraticallyAnti-Fascism0
No New ContentTopicyes, he is a COWARD and a SOUL-less one at that!Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentTopicit is no surprise that the ***** wanted him...Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentTopicalready a LAME DUCK & working hard to keep it that wayAnti-Fascism0
No New ContentTopicthis is how *****s joke?Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentTopic"worry on" *****sAnti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopic*****CARE: he doesn't care at all, about Americans!Anti-Fascism1
No New ContentTopicpaying himself (well, his corporation) to defend himself?Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentTopicpeople "in the know" actually KNOW what must be done!Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicthe *****'s wall (try not to laugh at his *****ic supporters)Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicreally? you don't say! who didn't know this?Anti-Fascism1
No New ContentHot TopicTopicNew Japanese fried chicken flavor: Girl's SweatThe Fox God1
No New ContentHot TopicTopicTrump Named As Unindicted Co-ConspiratorGus Rodgers1
No New ContentHot TopicTopiche's not doing that with his mailings, rhetoric, and paid ADsAnti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicthe ***** isn't smarter than the generals after allAnti-Fascism1
No New ContentHot TopicTopicyep, the ***** is failing and his *****ic supporters are panickedAnti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicthe impeachable offenses keep piling upAnti-Fascism6
The Fox God
No New ContentHot TopicTopicAmericans deserve more than a ***** in our White HouseAnti-Fascism2
The Fox God
No New ContentHot TopicTopic*****'s health care for men VS womenAnti-Fascism3
No New ContentHot TopicTopicthe *****-in-chief is also an inventor?Anti-Fascism2
No New ContentHot TopicTopicracism is a fact of life in America, but who benefits?Anti-Fascism2
No New ContentHot TopicTopicno one respects women more?Anti-Fascism2
No New ContentHot TopicTopichell-bound for their unrelenting attack on the less fortunateAnti-Fascism4
True Conservative
No New ContentTopic‘Likely Obstructed Justice’? there's no "likely" to it!Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicis playing zero-dimensional chess...Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicthe ***** and the Constitution (does he know it exists?)Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicCongress' Kabuki TheatricsAnti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicthis can't be good for his staff--suffering his rantsAnti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicyes, he is crazy (text book crazy, that is to say)Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopiccalling all veterans, their families & friends & ALL true AmericansAnti-Fascism0
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