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No New ContentHot TopicTopicMSG ... 50 years of M_yth S_cience & G_ullibility ?Anti-Fascism7
That JR Thang
No New ContentTopicA Return to Worthless/Fraudulent Policies?Anti-Fascism1
Reed N D Dark
No New ContentTopicGenetically Modified Polio Virus vs GlioblastomaAnti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicWARNING: Man-Made Virus AttacksAnti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicDJT's FASCIST REGIME continues attacks on A.C.A. (preexistings)Anti-Fascism5
Reed N D Dark
No New ContentHot TopicTopicAvoid "Carolina Reaper" World's Hottest Pepper?Anti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicAlka-Seltzer Plus recall.Pawn 101
The Fox God
No New ContentHot TopicTopic93% of Bottled Water contains 10K plastic particlesAnti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicChronic pain sufferers plead for a nuanced approach to opioidsTrue Conservative0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicFlu season is still worsening; it’s now as bad as 2009 swine fluTrue Conservative0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicPSA: FDA advises - Raws For Paws Ground Turkey Food for PetsPawn 100
No New ContentHot TopicTopicSign Of The Times..True Conservative1
No New ContentHot TopicTopicDoctor: Women should sit like men for better healthTrue Conservative3
No New ContentHot TopicTopicPlantar FasciitisSa-EQ8
No New ContentHot TopicTopicPlumbing for the birdsSean4
No New ContentHot TopicTopicZika VirusSa-EQ0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicParents of Infants/Toddlers: WARNINGAnti-Fascism0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicFlu NewsSean0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicWheelchair ConvertibleSa-EQ0
No New ContentHot TopicTopicMEGA Vitamin & Mineral Supplements?Anti-Fascism1
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