About Apple's "FaceTime" (it can be a spying device)

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01-29-2019, 10:42 AM
Stop The Madness
About Apple's "FaceTime" (it can be a spying device)
Disable FaceTime Right Now [Updated]

A jaw-dropping flaw in Apple’s FaceTime software allows for users to eavesdrop on others while a call is still ringing, according to 9to5Mac.

The bug works by simply dialing another user, then swiping up and inserting the originating number via the “Add Person” screen before it is answered. FaceTime apparently is thus tricked into believing that a Group FaceTime conference call is occurring, transmitting audio from the recipient’s device whether or not they have accepted or rejected the call.

Gizmodo was able to replicate the bug in a matter of seconds simply by following those steps.

According to the Verge, this very serious security issue is compounded by another: While said “conference call” is happening, if the recipient hits the power or volume button to ignore the call, their device will start sending audio as well as video from its front-facing camera, again without any visual notification (though in this instance, it also activates the caller’s audio). That flaw was further confirmed by Mashable and BuzzFeed News, the latter of which noted that activating Do Not Disturb mode appears to at least block microphone access.


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01-31-2019, 08:16 PM
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It's okay with me that you do, but I don't even care.

I only FaceTime with my 11 year-old granddaughter. Why would anybody be interested in that? I can't imagine FaceTime being any thing but vapid to a third party.

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