From my EMAIL INBOX, regarding SSL Certificates

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08-19-2020, 11:16 AM
Stop The Madness
From my EMAIL INBOX, regarding SSL Certificates
GOOGLE will no longer "trust" 2 & 3 year SSL certificates after 30 August 2020

Dear Midphase Client,

This notice is to inform you that Google and Apple will be enforcing a new Industry-wide requirement stating that any two-year SSL certificate issued after August 30th, 2020 will be distrusted in their browsers, meaning browsers will start showing the website as untrusted.

We will therefore stop selling 2 and 3 year SSL certificates as of today.

Please do take note that if you have an existing 2 or 3 year SSL certificate, this will continue working with no interruptions, however, we will automatically move your two year plan to a one year plan on your next renewal.

If you do have any further enquiries please do contact our support team.
For those not familiar: wikipedia: SSL Certificates

Hmmm, now what the hell prompted GOOGLE & APPLE to do this? Maybe they want to start selling "cheap SSL certificates" (since between them, they already pretty much monopolize YOUR information, is it that they want to wrestle control of everything on the Internet)? And what about MICROSOFT (or other client/device), as of now THEY will recognize these 2/3 year certificates... so their users will encounter such secured sites as "trusted" in their browsers? Roll Eyes   :rolleyes: Shrug   :shrug:
08-19-2020, 11:37 AM
Reed N D Dark
The rollover of certificates seems to go so smoothly too! LOL-2!   :lol2:

Meanwhile ATT billing has gone to texting you a code everytime you go to paying a bill on an unknown device ... what could possibly go wrong there? ... we are now looking for another carrier.
08-20-2020, 03:42 PM
Stop The Madness

I've been with the same host since 1995. I've never had a problem with pre-paid-renewing of all services which they provide (and although I've changed domain names and various add-ons; such as SSL certificates, I've used the same MasterCard). Currently, I do have a 3 year certificate which isn't up for renewal for some time. When it gets renewed, they'll make it a one year (no reduction/discount for multi-year anymore, I suppose...oh well).

As far as getting a TEXT CODE for verification... I prefer that as additional security on my accounts... I just have to remember to CHANGE my account phone number, should I ever do that... but I've only done it twice in my 70 years and don't plan to ever do it again (fingers crossed). Smile-Big   :D
08-20-2020, 04:23 PM
Reed N D Dark
The main place I saw the problems with certificate was at a university!

We found someone who could set the security code to an email. The problem with text is at home we have no service. And in the middle of the ocean we don’t turn the phone on because of roaming. And, the 15 minute timeout would probably be problematic aboard ship. Even with email it could be tight as satellite is slow on a computer.
08-20-2020, 04:34 PM
Stop The Madness
I understand and agree with your reasoning.

I've been @home since retiring and when traveling in CONUS (I always drive, no matter how far or where I'm going), I've never had issues with cellular coverage... thus my preference.
08-20-2020, 05:16 PM
Reed N D Dark
All the other people using extra protection give you an option for email. I’m good with that.

As for coverage, you don’t have coverage where we are either! Analogue we barely had 1 bar, friends and family would ask how to get us when they drove By or were visiting! Even Sprint who has our landline doesn’t cover when they need o call the office.

Several years back there was a pickup turned on its side on the road coming home. A Sprint truck had stopped but couldn’t reach a signal. We had poor connection and walked around the rise a bit and got a bit more coverage with att. Att still covers rural better than the others although the new merger of T-Mobile and sprint may give them better coverage, but they don’t cover here either.

When we were first here we were in a sprint store in a neighboring town. One person couldn’t believe we had no coverage but her colleague assured her that she didn’t have coverage at her home, nearby, either!