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Cable Internet Blues?
I've MOVED this particular discussion to this Forum, from the News Forum.
...someone up stream of my cable internet connection is using tons of bandwidth and slowing me down
There might be some user-addressable reasons for that:
    1. That is the very nature of CABLE: neighborhood hubs can get bogged-down when more neighbors come online (unlike Fiber Optics systems which are NOT shared across neighborhoods). BUT, that is not always the problem... there can be other causes.

    2. Depending on how you access the Internet: Are you LAN Cable WIRED directly to a Modem/Router... or are you using a WIRELESS connection? The latter will always be slower than being WIRED. The further away from the WiFi router, the device is located, the slower the connection will be and the more susceptible to interference from other devices it can be -- on a 2.4 GHz WiFi router (802.11b/g/n). So try using/upgrading--to a DUAL BAND router (802.11ac), if your device can utilize the 5 GHz band, you're much less likely to have speed and crowded channel interference problems. You can also check how much CHANNEL interference there is on your mobile device (APPS like "WiFi Analyzer" can show that to you, on both BANDS -- 2,4GHz and 5GHz). You might be able to specify a clearer channel for your connection (it may be that neighbors coming online are on the same CHANNEL... so be sure to check that at times when things get worse for you).

    3. The DEVICE itself: if, for example, you are using an outdated computer (old operating system, slow single core CPU) AND have multiple APPS/programs eating up system resources... and getting automatic updates to various software at uncontrolled times... THAT can be problematic. Approach to solutions: other than getting a speedy more modern system with plenty of resources (quad-core CPUs, 16 GB RAM, 4 GB Video Ram, etc.)

    * TURN OFF all automatic updates
    * Shutdown ALL APPS except the one you really are using
    * Temporarily TURN-OFF any anti-malware software and see if doing that considerably speeds things up (if so, use an alternative anti-malware software)

    I should mention that I use a very fast laptop with plenty of resources (as outlined above)... I have no less than FIVE anti-malware programs running at all times... I have multiple APPS open at the same time... I have all software set to update automatically... I never have a problem with a "slow device" (and, of course; with FiOS, I never have a problem with a slow connection).

    4. Lastly: whatever you are PAYING FOR an Internet package (15Mbps, 50Mbps, 100Mbps, or whatever)... INSIST that they DELIVER THAT TO YOU! INSIST that they come to your home and TEST the speed at your connection. Talk to your neighbors and ask them about their CABLE connection. Many times, with OLDER WIRED neighborhoods, there are problems with CORROSION at the cable company's junction boxes and at individual home connections. This can be especially true in the corrosive environment of coastal FL (my daughter works as a Field Tech, for COMCAST in central FL. She used to work for them in Sarasota and Bradenton before she moved inland--she dealt with a lot of corrosion related problems). If their equipment and your cable wiring check out to be fine... then the first response you are likely to get after that is: You'll need to UPGRADE to a more expensive higher-speed Internet package.
If you have UNLIMITED DATA on your cellphone (Cricket Wireless and others give you that for far less than a cable internet connection)... an alternative is to TETHER (via USB port or Bluetooth Pairing) your Cellphone's Network access to the Internet, to your device (tablet, computer, laptop). Once you've tethered your device to use your cellphone to access the Internet, you'll find that your connection speed doesn't waver like a cable connection does.

Typically, you might be getting 8+Mbps speed (it's not FiOS, but it is plenty of speed to do almost anything except extreme online gaming). That 8+Mbps will pretty much be solid as a rock (as far as SPEED goes)... and neighbors being online won't impact you in the slightest. So, if you go this route, you can tell the CABLE company to SHOVE the Internet (and just have their TV -- at a cheaper price).

Or better still: hook up to an amplified antenna and watch over-the-airwaves TV... and tell your cable company to SHOVE IT altogether.
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