Very Sad... re: a Trumpster-Youngster

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09-27-2020, 05:22 PM
Stop The Madness
Very Sad... re: a Trumpster-Youngster
This just came over the police scanner, from a DJT-country area of VaBeach:

A 12 year old female attempting suicide... drank LYSOL disinfectant and some hand-sanitizer (PD, EMS and FIRE are enroute ATT).
Frown   :(
09-27-2020, 06:53 PM
Reed N D Dark
Her gag reflex should be better than that. I also, question that it suicide, which I hear you agreeing with.
09-28-2020, 04:22 AM
Stop The Madness
The problem with hearing things over the police scanner is that only a small portion of them result in MEDIA coverage (thus, no further details). I haven't heard anything more about this (yet).

I find listening to the scanner useful for knowing which roads have been closed/shutdown, temporarily, due to accidents. Recently, there have been two separate accidents involving overturned dump-trucks. Those required heavy duty wreckers and spill cleanups which took hours to complete before the roads were reopened. But, I digress...

What the hell caused this "suicide"? Was it an attempted "suicide" or "homicide"? Even putting that aside, for the moment... the GLARING FACT as to what was claimed (drinking lysol and hand-sanitizer) leads one to question: I'm certain that EVERYONE knows who inspired it, eh?

GOOGLE NEWS search results for "swallowed disinfectant" leads me to think that DJT should be held criminally liable for his suggestions that have been acted upon through others' ignorance & fear (which he continues to evoke and prey upon)!