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Which RACE Should We Elect (Yellow/Red/Brown/Black/White)?
IMO: American Voters did a great job, when they put Obama in the White House for eight years! Then, they ****ed-up royally, when they put the current fascist, racist, pathological liar, in there!

Anyway, here's an interesting article (especially for all of you "white supremacists" out there). Wink   ;)
25 July 2020
We simply elected the wrong white guy

I’m responding to the July 13 letter from Swanzey resident Ray Colburn, “Trump win might be nation’s last gasp.”

Mr. Colburn argues that the ultimate enemy of our nation is communist China, which he believes is attacking our nation from within, using the miseducation of college students, the co-opting of our congresspersons and, above all, the introduction into our country of a manufactured virus (COVID-19). It is in regard to this last Chinese weapon (the coronavirus pandemic) that I believe Mr. Colburn’s argument for the re-election of Donald Trump falls apart.

If white people are the smartest, most capable folks in the world, they should be able to defeat whatever weapons the Chinese may use against them, including the coronavirus. If white folks are truly superior, there is nothing that the Chinese can throw at them — even a virus supposedly created in Chinese laboratories — that white Americans cannot outsmart, out-strategize.

And, in fact, if one looks at the trajectory of the virus in European Union countries and Canada, all largely populated and governed by white people, Mr. Colburn’s underlying assumption might be said to be validated: Those white-run nations have somehow managed to outsmart and out-strategize the Chinese and their deadly “laboratory-created” virus.

In white -governed European nations, COVID-19 infection, hospitalization and death rates have fallen precipitously. In the United States however, under the leadership (or lack thereof) of President Trump, they have risen to alarming, potentially economy-destroying levels.

This leads me to a question for Mr. Colburn’s consideration: If white people and white government leaders in Europe are successfully counteracting the nefarious Chinese virus, why isn’t our white president? It could be because we’ve elected the wrong white guy.
Mr. Colburn sounds a lot like some people (who shall remain nameless) that we all know. And Golly! I wonder about which "white guy" Mr. Lowe is speaking? ROTF   :rotf:
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