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Melania and Being Bullied
Picture of Holy Bhagworm
I was just thinking how I was bullied in high school. It was a couple of as*holes...maybe 3. They didn't gang up on me, thankfully, it was just that some 3 random as*holes bullied me. And it turns out that almost all of my friends were bullied too at one time or another.

For some reason, I thought about being bullied and then wondered why melania decided that it would be her cause to be against bullying...specifically cyber-bullying. When I was a youngster, there was no such thing as cyberbullying, thank goodness. Yet, I think that cyberbullying would've been at least an equal playing field for me...without seeing me and without me seeing the bully, I could probably find an advantage somehow. Maybe I would be thought of us a cyberbully...yet unprovoked, it would not be consistent with my personality. But over the years, I've found myself in the position of being a cyberbully and being cyber-bullied. Hell, my wife and I were kicked off a tiny scab of a bb that exists for almost no-one...and for no good reason. I seem to remember some bigshot cyber-bully who I had to get in good with lest some bad things happen to me. And then after paying some money here ($200 to be exact), strictly out of a sense of responsibility, the cyberbully in cahoots with the the head person told me that not only did I not contribute the money but that I lied about it. I insisted that I paid in two separate payments, close together, $100 followed by another $100. I had the canceled checks. Some fat sh*t-head who called me his "brother" befriended the head person on the bb and both of them...and I'm not exactly clear on this...but the cyberbully said I never paid anything and his new girlfriend eventually agreed with him. After that, anything I said, usually out of anger, not only got me banned but also got my wife banned. Why were we banned? Well, we started making comments about smokers and obesity...comments like smoking, obesity, and diabetes are costing our society needless billions of dollars in healthcare dollars. Well, I guess the message wasn't well-received. I only wish my wife were alive to recall each and every detail...and she would gladly do that...so that I can tell you we were cyberbullied and removed from a small society. For what?! For telling the truth. And who was behind removing us? A fat lying cyberbullying pos. That's who. Where is he now? Are some of you still friends with him? I know I tried to be friends with him. And I'm ashamed of myself now for trying to be friends with the very person who cyberbullied me and participated in destroying my life and the life of my wife.

Anyway, I can't understand why Melania has taken this cyberbullying up as her cause. Her husband and stepsons are part of cyberbullying as has never been seen before. And the Congress are subjugates of the cyberbullier in fear of his retaliation/reprisals if any one of them speak out of turn. How dare melania speak of cyberbullying!!!

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melania decided that it would be her cause to be against bullying...specifically cyber-bullying
Really? And she stays with the biggest offender?! Roll Eyes   :rolleyes:

Can you say "LIP SERVICE" (double meaning)? ROTF   :rotf:
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Never goes away...
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When I first saw Baron, I thought he was an excellent candidate for being bullied. Melania started her project later, iirc. Since then he has changed his mannerisms and grown and seems less likely to be a target. That may be because he is in a school that has much less of it too. But, I still think that she was protecting her son!
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