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Aantares: Login/Logout

In the top right corner of every Aantares BB page are links to login and logout.

If you are not logged in it will say:

"You are not logged in. Login or register"

When you login please check whether this site requires an email address OR a username for login.

If you have lost your password, you can have it sent to your email address by clicking a link on the login page called "Lost Password?"

Why register ?

Many features of the site require a login to view. As well, you will be able to save personal preferences when you are logged in.

Remember Me

Select this option if you wish to save a cookie on your computer to keep you logged in to Aantares without having to login each visit.


Clicking the logout link will log you out of the site and clear the "Remember Me" cookie if selected.

Personal Zone

Click the "Go" button in the top navigation bar on any page. Choose the option "Personal Zone"


Clicking the profile link will first show your Public Profile. This is the information other members of the community may see about you.

In order to view and edit your "Private Profile," click the "Edit Profile" link. Your site administrator determines what fields are required and what fields are optional. Required fields are marked with an asterisk and you may not submit your profile unless these fields are filled in.

I was sent to my Profile without asking!

This means there are new terms of service posted by the administrator or a new profile field required by the community. You will need complete your profile before proceeding to regular community pages.


This is a list of community members in your own personal group. Use this list to create Private Topics, if enabled by your site administrator.

To add members to your group, click the "Add members" link and search for other members by name.

Ignore List

To manage your ignored users, go to the Personal Zone section and click the "Ignore List" link. Your current list of ignored users will be displayed.

For ignored users, replies in topics are hidden by default. In addition, you will not receive notifications of new content by ignored usersand ignored users will not be able to start a Private Topic with you.

To add someone to your ignore list, click the "Add Users" link. This link is to the right of your ignore list's title. Search for the display name of the user you wish to ignore, check their box, and click the "Add Selected Members" button.

To stop ignoring another user, go to the Personal Zone section and click the "Ignore List" link. Your current list of ignored users will be displayed. Check the box next to the user you wish to stop ignoring, and click the "Remove Checked Users" button.


You may belong to "power groups" or "premium groups" within the community. Membership in these groups gives you special access and features within the community. Click the link to show your group memberships.


The permissions browser shows what you may and may not do within your community.

Click each section to expand the permission descriptions. A check mark shows that you have a permission. No check mark means that you do not have the permission.

Private Topics

If enabled, Private Topics topics are discussions that those invited may view and participate in.

You may join an existing Private Topic discussion by clicking on the title. You may start a new Private Topic discussion by clicking the "New Private Topic" button. Use your Buddies List to choose other Aantares Members to invite.


Here is a list of notifications you may have requested while browsing the community. Click "edit" to change any notification option. Use the check box beside any title to select notifications you wish to delete. You may also temporarily suspend all notifications or remove all notifications.


This is a rating of your performance and reputation in the community. It is normally based on participation in the community, but may be edited by the administrator.


Choose your personal preferences for common options in the community.

Aantares: Terms of Service (TOS)

Aantares Terms of Service: Rules, Policies & Disclaimers

Welcome to Aantares.com ("Aantares" or "Aantares Online LLC" or "we" or "our" or "us"). To make the Member ("you" or "your") experience as enjoyable as possible, please take a few minutes to read our Terms of Service.

Aantares Communities of Interest work best when certain standards of conduct are followed; your privilege to use and contribute to Aantares is dependent on maintaining these standards.
  • Aantares does not edit postings for content prior to posting and is not responsible for the content, style and/or errors in mechanics of fact of any posting.

  • Postings on Aantares express the views of the posting's author and are not necessarily the views of Aantares Online LLC or any entity associated with Aantares Online LLC.

  • Aantares uses an electronic filter to preview postings for any words Aantares deems objectionable and replaces these words with "**" (asterisks). We do not automatically filter for Aantares Terms of Service compliance.

  • Violations of our Terms of Service may include, but are not limited to:
    • Spamming, or posting the same or essentially the same note multiple times in one or more bulletin board forums or topics, or on more than one bulletin board;
    • Postings that organize adverse sentiment or action against Aantares Online LLC or any entity associated with us or our Members;
    • Posting while your posting privilege is temporarily or permanently suspended or revoked;
    • Posting advertising material or material of a commercial nature of any description or form including but not limited to: hyperlinks, banner advertisements or click-through advertisements;
    • Postings of any kind --including embedded graphic images-- that impact the use of our bulletin board(s) or the Aantares.com site;
    • Posting significant portions of a note in a language other than English except in those boards/categories/forums/topics where this is specifically encouraged;
    • Allowing the use of your Aantares username and/or posting privilege by anyone other than yourself;
    • Postings that disclose other Aantares Member personal information said Member has not made public via their Aantares registration/public profile or Aantares postings;
    • Postings that harass, threaten, embarrass or cause distress or discomfort to another Aantares Member or other individual or group, or hostile and/or inflammatory notes meant to disrupt the use and enjoyment of our site by Aantares Members;
    • Posting material that is grossly repugnant to our community standards, including but not limited to blatant expressions of bigotry, racism, sexism, hate or pornography;
    • Editing, deleting, or appending text to any Moderator/Administrator "red-lined" posting;
    • The use of a registered username, avatar, "smilie" or other content or image Aantares deems objectionable;
    • Posting copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you;
    • Plagiarism --defined as using the work of anothers without appropriate offset by using the QUOTE feature as well as not providing a hyperlink to your source-- in any way, shape or form; exclusions are provided by the Administrator and/or Forum Host based on the source being a public domain-like publication;
    • Posting any content or image or file type that creates an inline link (aka hotlinking, leeching, piggy-backing, direct linking, offsite image grabs and bandwidth theft) defined as the use of a linked object from one site into a web page belonging to a second site wherein Aantares.com could be considered either the first or second site;
    • We have a general policy to not spam the board with multiple "new" topics that could easily be posted in the original "new" topics. Left or right, independent or libertarian, engaged, involved, abdicating or protesting... starting a "new" topic every time you find a scrap of info or attitude that you feel must be brought to Aantares dilutes the discussion in the original topics and clutters the bulletin board with numerous "one-note/few replies" topics. As a for instance, at one-time we had, between open & locked topics, 21 topics on the AZ shooting of Representative Giffords and 11 others.

      By posting a new topic that could or should be incorporated in the currently open/active topics (in the opinion of our Moderators, of course) you run the risk of having your topic locked down as a 'duplicate topic.'
    • Any attempt to impersonate an Aantares Online LLC employee or our agent working in an authorized capacity regardless of the name or account used or the method of impersonation;
    • Any attempt to solicit an Aantares Member's password will be treated as an impersonation of Aantares employee or agent working in an authorized capacity regardless of the name or account used or the inquiry method.

  • You agree we can display, modify, transmit, distribute or delete your posting(s) without needing further permission from you.

  • You are solely responsible for the content of your posting(s) and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Aantares Online LLC and any agent working in an authorized capacity or other entity associated with us with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your posting(s).

  • Fair Use Policy: Aantares does not condone the posting of copyrighted material on our web site unless the individual posting the material owns the copyright.

    Aantares is cognizant of "Fair Use" practices while at the same time very much aware of the fact that "Fair Use" is an ever-shifting term regarding how to use copyrighted material.

    Therefore, on Aantares, "Fair Use" is interpreted as to allow you to post a short quote --no more than fifteen (15) sentences-- of copyrighted text or a short summary of a copyrighted image that must be accompanied by a hyperlink to the web site where the rest of the text or image resides.

    Reproducing the whole --or substantially the whole-- of copyrighted text or a copyrighted image is NOT "Fair Use" on Aantares, unless you own the copyright or have been given explicit permission to disseminate the text/image and can produce said permission when asked to do so by Aantares Online LLC representatives.

  • Aantares may revoke your posting privileges, temporarily or permanently, revoke your subscription, temporarily or permanently, and/or take any other measures we deem necessary to maintain our Aantares Terms of Service for any or no reason whatsoever.

  • Aantares reserves the right to reveal your identity and whatever information we know about you to any law enforcement agent or official in the event of legal action arising from any posting(s) made by you.
If you see a posting or other content on Aantares that appears to violate our Aantares Terms of Service, please alert Aantares to the problem by clicking the ALERT () icon at the bottom-right of the posting and tell us why you believe the posting should be removed.

All Aantares terms of service, rules, policies, guidelines, registration requirements, settings, etc. may be changed at any time, at our discretion, without further notice to you.

Supported Browsers

Aantares community software is designed to work with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 5.5+
  • Netscape 7+
  • Mozilla
  • Safari
  • Opera 7+
If you are not using one of those browser versions, you may experience severe usability problems. Please upgrade your browser to a newer version for optimal performance.
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BB: Navigating & Reading

There are two main ways to navigate through Aantares.

On top and bottom of all pages is a "breadcrumb" line. These links show where in Aantares you are reading and give you the option to click up or down the Aantares structure. Within each breadcrumb line are also icons to open up options within each level of Aantares. Each icon will open up direct links to tools like SEARCH or other forums and categories within Aantares.

A second navigation tool is the "Go" tab built into the top left side of each page.

Use the "Go" tab to navigate directly to MyProfile, Aantares forums or Chat if enabled.

BB: How to Post Topics & Replies

To post a new topic, click the "New" tab on the top left of any Aantares BB page. You will be asked to choose a new Discussion, Poll , Private Topic or Photo Album (if enabled). Click one of these options to begin.

A discussion is a topic with replies.
A poll invites people to vote on a question, and then add replies.
A Private Topic is a discussion that only those invited may see and participate in.
A photo album is a gallery of uploaded images, with a place to add comments as required.

To post a reply, look for a "Reply" tab at the top or bottom of any discussion or poll. Click this tab to open a posting window with tools for enhancing your post with bold text, images or attachments.

Beside each "Reply" tab is a yellow arrow for "Quick Reply." The "Quick Reply" is for fast text-only responses to a discussion.

BB: How to Post Photo Albums

First be sure the administrator has enabled photo albums and given you permission to post them. You can check your permission using the "Go" button -> MyProfile -> Permissions links.

To post a photo album, click the "New" tab and then the "Photo Album" link.

A photo album wizard will take you through the following steps:

Step 1 "Basics" is to provide basic information about the album, choose whether to allow comments and select your notification options.

Step 2 "Upload" is to upload file from your own computer. Note: there may be size and number limits set by the administrator.

Step 3 "Organize" is to add titles and captions to each uploaded photo. You may also add new photos, delete photos or re-order photos in this step. "

Step 4 "Preview" is to confirm what the final album looks like approve it for view by other members.

Please note: An administrator may require approval of photo albums before they " go live.

If you are the owner of the album, you may edit the album after it has gone " live by using the "edit" icon in the bottom right corner of the gallery view.

BB: Enhancing or Editing a Post

You may edit your posts after it goes live by clicking the small edit icon -- -- in the lower right corner of your posting. Aantares restricts the time frame for editing a posting to 360 minutes (six hours).

You may enhance a post --with graemlins/smilies, formatting your text (bold, color, etc.), using a signature-- when first creating it or when editing it.

Choose a "mood" icon for the topic/reply by clicking the selector beside the "Subject" or "Reply To:" field.

You may insert a "graemlin/smilie" emoticon into your posts by coding your choice of emoticon from the list as shown in the BB: Graemlins / Smilies List; see left-hand menu for this link.

The posting page tools include some or all of these options:

  • Color - change your posting text color
  • URL - a web page link
  • Bold - bold text
  • Italics - italicize text
  • Quote - indented text
  • List bullet - ordered text
  • Email - a clickable email address
  • Image - a properly formed link to display a web image
  • Attachment - where enabled an uploaded file attachment in .gif or .jpg form

BB: Formatting Codes

FunctionUBBCode Tags
Bold[b] [/b]
Italics[i] [/i]
Strikethrough[strike] [/strike]
Unordered, bulleted[list][/list]
Ordered,numbered[list=1] [/list]
Ordered,lettered[list=A] [/list]
List item[*]
Quote [quote] [/quote]
CodeSnippets[code] [/code]
URLs[url] [/url]
URL with name[url=http://www.yourURL.com]namehere[/url]
Email Addresses[email] [/email]
Images[img] [/img]
Image Aligned Left[img:left] [/img]
Image Aligned Right[img:right] [/img]
Image Aligned Top[img:top] [/img]
Flash Video[flash_video] [/flash_video]
Horizontal Rule[hr]
Subscript[sub] [/sub]
Red[color:red] [/color]
Green[color:green] [/color]
Blue[color:blue] [/color]
Yellow[color:yellow] [/color]
White[color:white] [/color]
Black[color:black] [/color]
Pink[color:pink] [/color]
Purple[color:purple] [/color]
Brown[color:brown] [/color]
Grey[color:grey] [/color]

:winter:Winter  :winter:
:autumn:Autumn  :autumn:
:sparkle:Sparkle   :sparkle:
BB: Favorites & Notifications


To add a topic to your favorites list, click the "Tools" tab button and select "Add to favorites." You can keep a list of up to 30 topics in your MyProfile page. Icons there will show whether your favorites have been updated since your last visit.


Click the "Notify" tab on a community page to request email notifications of new content. The delivery of these notices is via email to the (private, REAL) email address you registered on Aantares with; if this address is INcorrect, you will NOT receive notifications.Modify or Cancel a Notification

Click the GO tab » MyProfile » Notifications. Click the "edit" link to change delivery options or cancel the notification request entirely. You can also edit your preferences directly from the email you receive.

Suspend my Notifications Temporarily

You can temporarily suspend your notifications at any time. For example, this might be useful if you were going on vacation and didn't want email accumulating in your mailbox while you're gone. Select the "suspend subscriptions" box at the bottom of the "Notifications" page to put them all on hold. They will stay suspended until you uncheck that box.

Subscribe to another Member

Click the Aantares Member's name in any bulletin board posting, then select "notify me of new posts by x". You will be notified via email every time that Member posts to Aantares.

Hiding/Showing Posts

You can ignore a post by clicking the small "Hide Post" link in the upper right section of the post. If you've ignored a user, their posts will be hidden by default.

If you want to show a single post from an ignored user, click the small "Show Post" link on the top right of the post.

BB: Graemlins / Smilies List

To view Aantares Smilies: choose the smilie type category here, or just scroll down to view all smilies. Smiles, LOLs, Thumbs Ups & Waves
    TitleCodeSmilie Display
      Smile  :)    
      Smile-Grin  :D    
      Smile-Happy  :happy:    
      Wink  ;)    
      Laugh-LOL  :lol:    
      Laugh-LOL2  :lol2:    
      Laugh-ROTF  :rotf:    
      Laugh-Point  :ridicule:    
      Laugh-Up  :lolup:    
      Just Kidding!  :jk:    
      Blush  :blush:    
      Grin, Duck & Run  :gdr:    
      Thumbs Up-Grin  :tug:    
      Thumbs Up-Wink  :tuw:    
      Wave-Big  :wave:    
      Wave-Little  :wave2:    

  Hugs, Kisses, Affection, Etc.
      Title  Code  Smilie Display
      Hug  :hug:    
      Hug-There,There  :there:    
      Hug-Cuddle  :hugc:    
      Hug-Group  :hugg:    
      Kiss-Blush  :kiss:    
      Kiss-Cheek  :kiss2:    
      Kiss-Lip  :kiss3:    
      Heart  :heart:    
      Heartbreak  :heartb:    
      Love  :love:    
      Lust  :lust:    
      Snog  :snog:    
      Life-Cycle of  :life:    

  Actions & Reactions
      Title  Code  Smilie Display
      Applause  :applause:    
      Argue  :argue:    
      Bang Head  :banghead:    
      Bat Eyelashes  :bat:    
      Boogie  :boogie:    
      Busted!  :busted:    
      Change Mind  :changemind:    
      Clean Up  :clean:    
      Confused… Huh?  :confused:    
      Cry  :cry:    
      Devil  :devil:    
      Doh!  :doh:    
      Duck!  :duck:    
      Eek!  :eek:    
      Flame  :flame:    
      Flame-Big  :flame2:    
      Flush  :flush:    
      Frown  :(    
      Go-oh-oh!  :go:    
      Hail  :hail:    
      Hammer  :hammer:    
      High 5 (^5)  :high5:    
      Idea  :idea:    
      Ignore  :ignore:    
      Jawdrop  :jawdrop:    
      Kick  :kick:    
      Look Around  :look:    
      Loser  :loser:    
      Lurk  :lurk:    
      Meeting of Minds  :meetmind:    
      Neee-NER!  :neener:    
      No, No, No  :nonono:    
      Nope. Can't make me.  :nope:    
      Oh m’Gawd!  :OMG:    
      Oh Reeeeally…?  :really:    
      POKE  :POKE:    
      POUT  :POUT:    
      PRAY  :PRAY:    
      Rant  :rant:    
      Razz  :p    
      Red Face  :o    
      Roll Eyes  :rolleyes:    
      Secret  :secret:    
      Shhhh  :shh:    
      Shrug  :shrug:    
      Sing  :sing:    
      Sleep  :sleep:    
      Thud  :thud:    
      Tiptoe Away  :tiptoe:    
      Twitch  :twitch:    
      Unsure  :unsure:    
      Whew!  :whew:    
      Whine  :whine:    
      Whistle  :whistle:    
      Woo Hoo!  :woohoo:    
      Yawn  :yawn:    
      Yuck  :yuck:    
      Yum!  :yum:    

  I Am… or You Are…
      Title  Code  Smilie Display
      Alone  :alone:    
      Angel  :angel:    
      Broke  :broke:    
      Cloud9  :cloud9:    
      Cold  :cold:    
      Cool  :cool:    
      Coy  :coy:    
      Mad  :mad:    
      Sardonic/Scornful  :sardonic:    
      Scared  :scared:    
      Up Late  :uplate:    
      Worried  :worried:    

      Title  Code  Smilie Display
      2¢  :2cents:    
      3 Stooges  :stooges:    
      Beat Dead Horse  :deadhorse:    
      Clown  :clown:    
      Coffee  :coffee:    
      Drama Queen  :drama:    
      Gold Star  :goldstar:    
      Google  :google:    
      Leer  :leer:    
      Liar  :liar:    
      No Evil  :noevil:    
      PEPSI  :PEPSI:    
      PROTEST  :PROTEST:    
      Rainbow  :rainbow:    
      Safe...?  :safe:    
      Slap  :slap:    
      Smoke  :smoke:    
      Sombrero  :sombrero:    
      Sparkle  :sparkle:    
      Surprise!  :surprise:    
      Temper Tantrum  :tantrum:    
      Write  :write:    
      You Tube  :youtube:    

  Miscellaneous – Animals
      Title  Code  Smilie Display
      Chicken  :chicken:    
      Duckie  :duckie:    
      PIG  :PIG:    
      Rat  :rat:    
      Snail  :snail:    

  Miscellaneous – Health
      Burp  :burp:    
      Headache  :headache:    
      Sick  :sick:    
      Sneeze  :sneeze:    
      Urp  :urp:    

  Miscellaneous – Celebration / Holidays
      Celebrate  :celebrate:    
      Gift  :gift:    
      Happy Birthday  :birthday:    
      St. Patrick's Day  :stpat:    

  Miscellaneous – Patriotic
      Flag  :flag:    
      Flag:Halfmast  :flagh:    
      Flag:SOS  :sos:    
      Flag:Raise  :flagr:    
      Flag:Salute  :flagsalute:    
      Flag:USA  :flagusa:    
      Flag:Wave  :flagw:    
      Flag-White  :flagwhite:    

  Miscellaneous – Weather
      Rain  :rain:    
      Snow  :snow:    
      Sunny  :sunny:    
      Thunderstorm  :tstorm:    

      Agree  :agree:    
      Amen  :amen:    
      Argh!  :argh:    
      Bah!  :bah:    
      Beg-Pleeeease?  :beg:    
      Blah Blah  :blahblah:    
      BS  :bs:    
      By the way…  :btw:    
      Bye!  :bye:    
      Call Me!  :callme:    
      Censored  :censored:    
      Cheers!  :cheers:    
      Chill Pill  :chill:    
      Cool!  :cool2:    
      Error  :error:    
      Exactly!  :exactly:    
      FYI!  :fyi:    
      Get Well  :getwell:    
      Good Luck!  :luck:    
      Help!  :help:    
      Hi!  :hi:    
      How Rude!  :rude:    
      I Win  :iwin:    
      Lame  :lame:    
      Missing  :missing:    
      No!  :no:    
      Now  :now:    
      Oops!  :OOPS:    
      Ouch!  :OUCH:    
      Sigh  :sigh:    
      Soapbox  :soapbox:    
      Sorry  :sorry:    
      Thanks!  :thanks:    
      Topic—Get Back To!  :topicback:    
      Topic--Off!  :topicoff:    
      United We Stand  :united:    
      U There?  :uthere:    
      Waaaah!  :wah:    
      Welcome!  :welcome:    
      Welcome Back!  :welcomeb:    
      WhatEVAH  :whatever:    
      What the f…?!?  :wtf:    
      Wow!  :wow:    
      Yes!  :yes:    
      Yippee!  :yippie:    

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